Suffolk family awarded £3m compensation after brain injury to child during birth ‘mistakes’

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In recent months, a Suffolk family have been awarded £3m in compensation after a brain injury to their child during birth ‘mistakes’ by health professionals. National Health Service in the United Kingdom will pay a lump sum of money to a boy whose injury will affect him for the rest for the rest of his life. The brain injury happened at St Edmunds hospital.

The accidental injury happened at West Suffolk hospital nine years ago. The London High Court was handling the case. Judge Marc Dight was presiding the case. The complicated brain injury will render him to be helpless and always require to be supported for the rest of his life. The injury was caused by lack of enough oxygen in the brain when he was being delivered. The lack of oxygen in the brain was so severe that it damaged his neurons.

The boy sued the hospital through his lawyers to receive a settlement. The argument was that if the delivery process was done earlier, the damage could have been avoided. They had a good case and reason out there was sufficient evidence, and the argument was persuasive. National Health Service agreed to settle the case for three million pounds to pay for damages. The compensation will help the family expenses to be eased and repay whatever they have spent. They will help to comfort the family.

The boy will also receive annual payments to compliment the £3m compensation. The fees will be tax-free, and they will be index-linked to earn interest. The money is for the boy to use to be able to take care of his living costs because he cannot work.

From the age of nine, the boy will be paid two hundred and forty-five thousand pounds. At the age of nineteen, he will receive three hundred thousand pounds until the end of his life. National Service Hospital lawyers and representative issued an apology due to the complication and damage caused by employees in the hospital of west Suffolk.

The parents through their claims solicitors‌ told the court that they had a difficult time raising the boy with his disability. It caused a lot of stress in the family though they have persevered and accepted the situation. It is a comfort to them knowing that the child will never lack anything in his life and his needs covered until the last breath. The presiding judge of the case said that he is very pleased with the approval of the settlement because it will help the boy.

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