Parents found guilty of National Action membership

National Action

Three people were found guilty of a banned terrorist group, among them parents. The three convicted of being in National Action were found guilty of being members of the neo-Nazi group. A couple, Adam Thomas aged 22 and Claudia Patatas were convicted of being members of the extreme right-wing organisation National Action. Thomas and his girlfriend Claudia do have a son whom they have actually named Adolf out of admiration for Nazi leader.

The evidence provided at the Birmingham Crown Court showed that the couple gave their son the middle name Adolf I honour of Adolf Hitler. There were also images of Thomas I Ku Klux Klan (KKK) robes while cradling his baby. He told the pictures of him in KKK attire were “just play” but admitted to being a racist. He was also found guilty of possessing the Anarchist Cookbook, a copy of the terrorist manual.

Another individual, Daniel Bogunovic 27, was convicted along with the couple of being in National Action. National Action, a group founded in 2013 by Ben Raymond and Alex Davies was intended to be an explicitly neo-Nazi party. In 2016, a Labour MP Jo Cox was assassinated. Following the murder, the group celebrated her murder with a Twitter post “only 649 MPs to go #WhiteJihad”.

This is a case that should get family law solicitors Manchester firms concerned especially due to the items found in the couple’s bedroom – where their baby slept. Two machetes, one with an 18 inches long blade were found in this bedroom. Also found in the room, only a few feet from the baby’s crib were two crossbows. In the kitchen drawer, there was a swastika-shaped pastry cutter as well as flags, pendants and clothing will the Nazi-era SS and National Action symbols emblazoned on these items.

The government determined National Action to be a party “concerned in terrorism” and banned it the same year. After being banned, as explained by the prosecutors, the Midlands chapter of the group “rebranded” after “shedding one skin for another”. It was explained that the case concerned a “specific type of terror, the being born out of fanatical and tribal belief in white supremacy”.

Prosecutor prosecuting, Barnaby Jameson QC talked of a deleted Skype log that was recovered from Thomas’s laptop. In the conversation, two parties talked of the destruction of National Action being destroyed with its leaders agreeing to disband it with “no attempt at revival”. The log also revealed a renaming of the National Action branch in Midlands which decided to ignore the disbanding and continue to fight alone. According to the Skype log, the Midlands NA branch will about 17-20 renamed to Thule Combat League and actually consider the others traitors.

After 12 hours of considering, jurors offered unanimous verdicts and on 14 December, the three defendants will be sentenced. Considering that there’s a couple with a baby, these might need family solicitors. For any parent in North West England who find themselves sentenced, the family law solicitors Manchester firms might be of great help. These are experts who can interpret and explain the rights of children whose parents are sentenced.

Patatas, the baby’s mother was given bail while the father Thomas and Bogunovic were remanded in custody. According to Det Ch Supt Matt Ward from West Midlands Police, the defendants are members of an actually dangerous and well-structured organisation. The officer disagrees these are just racist fantasists. He believes they are concerned with spreading neo-Nazi ideology and provoke a race war in the UK.

The convicted members had acquired skills to execute their plans and if unchecked would have inspired violence and spread hatred and fear in the Midlands region. Another group also pleaded guilty of being in National Action earlier this year. These we’re Nathan Pryke, 27 from March, Cambridgeshire, Darren Fletcher, 28, from Wolverhampton, Joel Wilmore, 24, from Stockport.

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