Overcharging solicitor receives £30,000 fine

Overcharging Solicitor

People from all over the United Kingdom; look for a dream house or investment; in various parts of the country. However, buying a home is not all about finding the right property. Other legal issues are to be considered. As far as the legitimate concerns of the property are concerned, a solicitor must be hired to complete the process. A solicitor takes care of all the conveyancing process for the buyer.

The conveyancing process is the process for the legal transfer of the property from one owner to another. There are multiple processes involved that solicitors need to carry out and thus it is essential to have a solicitor beside you during the conveyancing process. However, the solicitor charges a fee for shouldering responsibilities and therefore it is necessary to know the average cost of solicitors fees for buying a house for the conveyancing estimation.

The average cost of solicitor fees for buying a house
The average cost of solicitor fees for buying a house is the legal fees charged by the law firm or the solicitors. However, this is not the conveyancing fees at all for the entire process. This is a part of the cost for the whole of the conveyancing cost. The buyer has to bear other legal costs for the conveyancing process. The value of the solicitors, however, is dependent on multiple factors. These factors ensure better estimation terms for the solicitor fees.

Experience & Expertise
These are the two significant factors that can vary the solicitor fees. Experience and expert solicitor charges often more. The primary reasons behind this are the assurance of smooth conveyancing and better functioning of the process. The solicitor has to measure many property law risks along with the conveyancing risks to complete hassle-free conveyancing, and an experience solicitor has the upper hand in it and will avoid complaints about solicitors.

Reputation is not only the high qualification of the solicitors but also the records and history of the solicitor and the law firms. There are law firms like NBM Law Firm that has expert solicitors with accreditation to the law society and enjoy a perfect track record. The reputation of any law firm or solicitor comes from the better handling of the conveyancing process. This provides the buyer with better assurance, and thus buyer is charged often more. It is merely the ‘higher is the quality, more is the price’ formula for the solicitor fees.


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