Is it Always Legal to Drive with Your Pet in the Car in the UK?


Riding your dog through in the UK or on the highway is a common practice among many dog ​​owners to keep the dog happy so they can throw their heads out of the window and jump from seat to seat. However, it is not difficult to understand that this can be dangerous for your dog and even for you as a driver, even if you are driving safely and not in a way that will draw the attention of a speeding solicitor.

We sometimes forget that the speed of our car is the actual speed with which our bodies move. When an abrupt stop occurs, either by braking or an accident, a dog in the backseat can be thrown through the car to collide with something. Avoiding this is relatively easy: drive as safely as possible and keep your dog secure with a dog seat belt – the seat belt. You should use a type of restraint system to secure your dog in the car, reducing the risk of an accident through distraction. Various restraint systems commonly used for safety purposes while traveling with a dog are discussed below.

Kennel or box: A doghouse or crate is one of the options to make driving in the car with your pet safe for both of you. A sturdy box that can be secured in place is the better choice. With an SUV or similar vehicle, you can place it safely in the cargo hold. In other vehicles, a small box can be used to fit in the back seat. To attach the box to the seat, you can use a strap or straps.

Harnesses: A safety belt or harness in a car is another option that can help you to be safer while riding your dog. A car kit is similar to a normal harness but designed for use in a car. Look for a harness that fits your dog perfectly. The upholstered and wide belt type can reduce impact damage during an accident.

Harness manufacturers and models are different, but all are relatively easy to put on your dog and even easier to attach to the back seat. No matter which harness you choose, you will receive easy-to-follow instructions on how to get the item to your dog. You do not just want to grab him, but also gradually get used to the fact that the potentially stressful car ride is fun.

Car seat: A car seat for a dog resembles a harness but is designed specifically for small dogs. The most important design concept for a car seat is to provide a higher seating level so that the dog can look out the window and see the environment while at the same time increasing safety. Buy a seat that can be securely fastened to your car seat and dog.

Car barrier: A car lock acts as a blocker for a specific area of ​​the car. A barrier can be placed on the back of the front seats to restrict the dog to the rear seats only. It can also be used on the back of the rear seats so that the dog is held in the cargo hold. These are just a few of the ways you can hold your dog in the car so both you and your best friend can enjoy the journey while being safe. Remember, your dog may enjoy making your dog’s head out the window, but it can also be very dangerous.

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