Chester announces ‘safe space’ to provide help to those on nights out


When it comes to this new venture, the big question to understand is “What is the Safe Space Project?”

The safe space project is a national level project that is adopted in the UK for providing vulnerable night travellers with safe and protected. This service removes undue pressure from the emergency services of the locality as well keeps the traveller safe. The program is successfully running across 55 cities of UK, including all major ones.

The initiative is highly regarded. The initiative has caught the appreciation of all, including solicitors in Chester, which thus for the upcoming holidays will provide further safe spaces, allocated in various locations.

Chester Safe Space Project

For such high success, a safe space is allocated to the Chester city centre. A task force of medical practitioners, security personnel and volunteer workers will be allocated for this Chester city centre safe space project. The program is overlooked by the Chester Against Business Crime Unit. They run every weakened from 10.30 pm to 4.30 am. During the upcoming holiday seasons of Christmas and New year, the safe space unit will be open for a greater number of days. Further to the normal Saturday & Sunday, the safe space unit will be open on 14th Dec, 17Th Dec, and the 21st Dec.

The initiative will benefit the locals enjoy the holiday season with an extra peace of mind. The city manager was quoted saying that he is proud of the achievement of Chester Safe space project. Within 2 months of operation, it has commanded quite a bit of respect among the masses. Such an initiative will only be taken forward. Thus, the extra days during the holiday season to keep up the name of Chester being a space for travellers and tourists alike. It is promoting the name of Chester as a fun and safe place meant for enjoyable night-outs.

Initial research has indicated that the safe space project saves £9.31 for every £1 invested for reduced admissions in the accidents and emergency services. The reduced usage of police and ambulance services helps the economy finally. One resident of the locality by the name of Rosa even commented that the facility is great for part goers like her. College students, party goers, and females are the ones who are able to benefit the most using this service. Injured, drunk or lost people – anyone can receive help at these safe havens.

Even though the place is of great service, people keep complaining that the shipping container looking safe spots are sore to the eye and should have better aesthetics. No wonder the place has gardened high hopes from them.

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